Audit & Assurance Services

In today's volatile economic environment, growing your business can be a challenge. That's why you must be able to rely on your financial statements to make the right decisions when the opportunities arise. As a small or medium sized company you may be required to provide assurance to your lenders, creditors, partners, shareholders, customers and government agencies. At Mackisen, we are experienced in the assurance needs of small and medium sized companies. Our professionals provide you with the full range of audit and accounting services throughout the lifecycle of your business. By providing you with credible figures and financial statements that identify areas for improvement and alert you to concerns, Mackisen will help you confidently move your business forward. Whether you are a family owned or privately owned company we have the right professionals, resources and experience to satisfy all your assurance needs.

At Mackisen, our assurance services are delivered in accordance with a set of well established policies and a quality control system to keep them in check. In this way, we ensure our work meets both professional standards and applicable laws and regulations. Our professionals are knowledgeable, meticulous and receive ongoing training which helps them keep up-to-date with regulatory changes. We provide all of our services in an ethical, independent and objective manner.