Investors & Immigrant taxes

The Business Immigration Program seeks to attract experienced business people to Canada who will support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy. Canada’s three classes of business immigrants are investors, entrpreneurs and self-employed. We will assist you in determining your eligibility and in filing all the necessary forms. In addition, investments made by immigrant investors generate revenues that a company may benefit from through special programs. We will help you find these benefits and claim them in your taxes.

Immigrant Taxes

We can help you keep track of your tax obligations and assist you in filing them during the first tax year that you are a new resident of Canada. After you’re first tax year in Canada, you are no longer considered a newcomer for tax purposes. We will file your taxes and keep track of all your tax obligations associated with being a new resident. Our people are experienced in immigration tax law and can assure you the best tax credits entitled to you.

Your tax obligations include:

  • Reporting income from all sources both inside and outside Canada on your tax return
  • Verifying your income tax status on an annual basis
  • Claiming all deductions, non-refundable tax credits, and refundable federal and provincial credits that apply to you

Non Residents & Tax

Did you know that a non-resident individual who for a taxation year, was employed in Canada, carried on business in Canada, or disposed of taxable Canadian property at any time in the year or a previous year, is liable to pay income tax? (Note: a person who is a non-resident cannot be considered a part-time resident.) At Mackisen, we will help you file your non-resident tax return. We have accountants with expertise in NR4 and NR6 filing.