Filing out of country

If you are a Canadian resident traveling or temporarily living outside of Canada and you need to file your Canadian tax return, we can help. We will prepare your return and answer any questions about your tax filing obligations. Email us your name and contact information and a description of your situation.

Which out of country residents are required to pay taxes in Canada?

Canadian residents travelling or temporarily in another country who have maintained significant ties with Canada are considered to be factual residents of Canada. If this situation applies to you then you are obligated to pay taxes in Canada. Other types of factual residents include those vacationing outside of Canada for extended periods of time, those teaching or attending school in another country, and those commuting to the U.S. and returning to Canada for work purposes on a daily or weekly basis.


Income Tax Dispute

Are you in dispute with Revenue Quebec or Canada? At Mackisen, we have years of experience in representing clients in income tax disputes. We have an excellent track record of successful appeals, negotiations and adjustments as well as a team of professional accountants who are there to make sure that every case is represented to win.