Selling a business

A business is one of the most important assets a business owner has. Receiving the best possible returns from your investment is a must. Whether you want to sell part or the entire enterprise in order to purchase another business, to retire or to access funds we’ll advise you at every step. We consult with you in order to understand your goals and then review the fundamentals of your business.

Prior to selling your business, you’ll need the proper documentation. We’ll help you prepare a two-year profit and loss statement and other financial statements such as financial projections and balance sheets. We’ll help you with all the steps involved in the sale process including preparing a business for sale, developing an appropriate price, preparing necessary documentation, identifying and selecting potential purchasers, evaluating offers, optimizing tax consequences, negotiating the deal, and guiding you through closing details. We’ll help you decide whether to sell your assets or your shares so that you maximize the amount you receive after taxes.


Capital Gains & Losses

If you sold eligible small business corporation shares, you may defer the taxation of your capital gain if you purchased other eligible small business corporation shares within the specific time limit. You can receive a Capital Gain deduction of 750K if you sell shares of an eligible small business which is a Canadian Control Private Corporation.